Case:Metal Detector for Food Industry

Case:Metal Detector for Food Industry

Metal detector for snack food processing Hongkang Food Co., Ltd. is a leisure food processing enterprise integrating processing and sales. The products are mainly sold to e-commerce retail and large supermarkets. Donsoar? metal detector plays a key role in the production process, as far as possible to reduce the production of products without metal contaminants, protecting the interests of consumers and enterprises Problems encountered by food companies in the production process The produced products may be mixed into the meat products during the segmentation, packaging and sealing, and the loss of equipment, such as broken cutter heads, screw nuts and nuts dropped on the equipment. Metal detector can discover small metals such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. Metal detector system can detect most metal Ferrous Non-Ferrous Sus Easy installation and maintenance Donsoar? metal detector has high sensitivity and ease of use. From a maintenance point of view, its installation is very simple, and users can complete it by themselves. Just place it in the proper position on the production line, level it and plug it in. Prevent metal contaminants There is the possibility of foreign materials being mixed in the food during the cutting and packaging process. Therefore, metal detector is one of the key control points of food processing plants. It is extremely important to ensure that no metals are mixed into the product and leave the factory. Improve sensitivity and stability as much as possible Donsoar??metal detector can find ferrous and non-ferrous, as well as the most difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steel shavings and non-spherical wire shavings. These systems use advanced high-frequency coil technology and dynamic filtering technology to improve the detection sensitivity and stability as much as possible.


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